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Orange Peel, Floral Caramel, Dried Cashew Fruit

Ninety Plus - Juliette

Origin: Panama
HK$780.00 - HK$3,800.00 HK$624.00 - HK$3,040.00
Orange Peel, Floral, Caramel, Dried Cashew Fruit
Light (R3)
Medium (R4)
Medium Dark (R5)
Dark (R6)
Signature Dark Roasted (M1)
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The Love Potion of Coffee

The Datura flower was an essential ingredient in love potions, but its toxicity also has a long history of causing delirium and death. Ninety Plus Juliette, with its delicate, feminine flavor profile and richly composed acidity, calls to mind the iconic character from Shakespeare’s timeless Romeo and Juliet. Romantic, tragic, and simply lovely, Juliette produces some of the most exquisite Ninety Plus brews.

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