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Lychee, Lemon Green Tea, Fresh Cashew Fruit

Ninety Plus - Lycello Blue

Origin: Panama
HK$780.00 - HK$3,800.00 HK$624.00 - HK$3,040.00
Lychee, Lemon, Green Tea, Fresh Cashew Fruit
Light (R3)
Medium (R4)
Medium Dark (R5)
Dark (R6)
Signature Dark Roasted (M1)
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Taste of Champions

In 2012, a World Barista Champion from Taiwan named Bruce Lee tasted the coffee cherries, and it instantly reminded him of the lychees in his native land. While considering a name for this coffee, the Ninety Plus team was admiring the precision and technique of the cellist Yo Yo Ma. Thus, Lycello is born as a poetic portmanteau of the words lychee and cello. Utilizing an innovative wash process to bring out its aromatic complexity and depth, Lycello is distinctive for its remarkable lychee flavor and its refreshing fruity acidity and sweetness.

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